Alimi Ballard & Catrinel Marlon Return To ‘CSI’


Two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s Season Thirteen players will be returning for the show’s upcoming season, CSI Files has learned.

Both Alimi Ballard and Catrinel Marlon will return to CSI‘s fourteenth season starting with Episode Four, “Last Supper.” Ballard first appeared as Detective Crawford in “Strip Maul,” and Marlon arrived during “Double Fault” as Hodges’ (Wallace Langham) fiancee. Both were featured in multiple episodes.

As CSI Files previously reported (via TV GuideJaclyn Smith will return as Hodges’ mother, Olivia. The episode was written by co-executive producers Melissa Byer and Treena Hancock, and directed by line producer Frank Waldeck.

“Last Supper” is expected to air October 9, 2013 on CBS.


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