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The Final Season Of ‘CSI:NY’ Hits Store Shelves

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As CSI Files previously reported, the ninth season of CSI: New York is available on DVD starting today, June 25. Here is the updated cover art, which reflects the fact that this is the show’s final season (link opens in new tab):

CSI: New York Season 9 on DVD

You can find a list of special features, as well as a few video clips, after the jump:

These are some of the special features that will come with the DVD set, courtesy of Zap2It:

– “A Day Off With …” — The cast and co-executive producer Trey Callaway talk about the episodes showing each character’s day off from the crime lab.

– “NYPD Clue” — The cast and crew discuss translating the board game, Clue, into the serial-killer episode, “Clue: SI.”

– “Fireworks” — This is a behind-the-scenes look at the (literally) explosive beginning of Season 9.

– “In Vino Veritas” — This featurette focuses on the Vegas/New York crossover episode and includes interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at the episode.

Here’s a clip from one of the special features, “On Thin Ice”, which was posted on Zap2It. The video shows a behind-the-scenes glimpse at filming for the season nine premiere, “Reignited”, and it includes AJ Buckley (Adam Ross), Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer), and Eddie Cahill (Don Flack).

The DVD set will also include deleted scenes and bloopers. You can find a gag reel video featuring most of the cast on ET Online, or watch it below:

You can order the ninth and final season of CSI: New York from Amazon.com or other online retailers. The current Amazon price is $37.99, which is more than $20 lower than the previously reported price. As mentioned in April, the site also has a bundled DVD set, which includes all nine seasons of the crime drama. Canadian fans can order the DVDs from Amazon.ca, or pick up the bundled set.

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