Zuiker: It’s Not How You Start But How You End


It has been almost ten years since CSI creator Anthony Zuiker first sat down with CSI: New York star Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) about leading the Big Apple-based spinoff, and the pair spoke on the phone recently about the show’s cancellation. “Gary was so thankful for the opportunity,” Zuiker told Zap2It. “He said it was pretty much the best TV experience of his life, and for me, it’s not so much how you start but how you end. To have a happy cast and something you can be very proud of is, I think, the best quality of life for this business.”

Zuiker said he is “so sad” that both CSI: NY and CSI: Miami are gone now, leaving only CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to return in the fall. However, he did praise CBS CEO Les Moonves for the way each spinoff was added to the franchise. “[H]e did it in such a way that all three were very strong for a long time,” Zuiker explained. He added, “And we’re very happy the Las Vegas show is still on the air, with Ted Danson (DB Russell) and Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay) to carry it forward.”

You can find the full interview on Zap2It.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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