June 17 2024

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Sinise, Ward & Others React To ‘CSI:NY’ Cancellation

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CSI Files previously announced that CSI: New York has been cancelled after nine seasons. We posted a collection of Twitter reactions from the cast and crew, and here are some more—click to see the original tweets:

Leading man Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) and leading lady Sela Ward (Jo Danville) both expressed their appreciation for the cast, crew and fans:

Eddie Cahill (Don Flack) was included in the first batch of Twitter comments, but here is a second tweet from him, including a photo of his character’s police badge:

Co-Executive Producer John Dove co-wrote the series finale, “Today is Life”, and here’s what he had to say about CSI: NY’s cancellation:

Finally, writer Sarah Byrd posted this tweet:

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29 thoughts on “Sinise, Ward & Others React To ‘CSI:NY’ Cancellation

  1. I’d like to thank the cast, the writers, directors, and producers for nine great years! I’m going to miss you guys!

  2. Why… CSI new york and vegas were the best I love Mac and the gang. Fantastic show going to miss it… Love to all the cast and crew.

  3. I am soooooo disappointed that CSI.NY is gone. Isnt there anything that can be done to bring it back????? Networks just take off things without realizing how important they are to those of us who get to like these shows and people on them. I am 67 years old and do not have that many things I enjoy anymore. Such is life having the power they have and use it so unkindly. Oh well there is the money of course but what about the faithful watchers.

  4. I am so disappointed that show has ended, it is one of the best move series ever!!!

  5. Hate that CSI NY was cancelled. It was by far the best of the three. Hope to see Gary Sinise in something new soon! Would love to see a comeback from the cast, maybe a reunion?

  6. I
    felt bad when I heard that CSI: New York is now on its last season. I
    wonder why the management – CBS – is ending this series. In my opinion,
    ending it in Season 9 is not a good idea. Why? Because its too early for
    this series to say goodby

  7. haven’t seen it yet in the U.k but am so disappointed it is ending and can’t understand why? we don’t see many good dramas on celestial t.v and the ones we do get are cancelled.

  8. As a from-the-start British fan of CSI;NY, I was really annoyed that the show has been cancelled. Wasn’t it enough that they cancelled Miami!!!! I miss my regular Horatio Caine viewing, and now no more Mac, Danny, Don & co!! Not good CBS!!!!!!

  9. Can’t another channel pick CSI NY and keep in running I have enjoyed watching them.

  10. well with no more csi:NY I will no longer be watching CBS…that was the best show theyve had for years and now there is nothing worth wathing on that network! CBS..you suck!

  11. Gary Sinise is such a fantastic actor as are all the rest of the cast, CBS haven’t a clue what they are doing, reality stuff and the rest is such crap viewing which I have no intention in my lifetime of watching, so sorry to see you guys disappear from my screen, a very annoyed viewer in the uk.

  12. I think it is a tragedy CSI NY has been cancelled. CBS needs to get their head out of their a$$

  13. One of the greatest shows I have ever watched. I will be sad to see it go. Why every time there is a good running show, it gets cancelled? I now this show has a big following, so why?

  14. Eddie Cahill is so gorgeous, I have really enjoyed watching you Eddie on CSI New York. Great smile!

  15. Terrible. Just looking for dates/times to see when it returns and find it is cancelled. I thought we would go one more season! They just left everything up in the air! CSI-NY WAS the best CSI show by far. Shame on you CBS!

  16. I am so disappointed that they took CSI:NY & CSI:Miami off the air. Those were the best shows something needs to be done to get them back on. The viewers want it.

  17. Well it is real popular in UK but they never include the statistics of watchers in UK so really is a great shame ,going to miss it

  18. Didn’t care much for CSI: Miami. Seemed like the cast came from a daytime soap, however, found CSI: NY riveting, realistic and entertaining. Sorry to see it go.

  19. I agree with everyone, CBS has lost their minds……what little they have. I think they need to re-think the awful reality shows they have…put back csi ny and Miami…I love both those shows….the original csi just isn’t the same without Grissom, I’m a 62 year old who just loves her CSI’s….bring them back!!!!

  20. I think it was a very big mistake cancelling CSI NY. What is CBS thinking?? They were a great group of actors who really did a wonderful job with this show. What a stupid move! Shame on you, CBS!!! Devoted CSI NY Fan.

  21. I stopped watching all the CSIs except NY years ago, I’m so disappointed that the best of them all has been cancelled

  22. Ok, I understand that CBS took it down because of decrease of view, but they had not take to account that decrease in view have more to do with people wait for it on Netflix rather than lost interest in the show

  23. CBS blew it when they cancelled CSI NY, the best of the the CSI series. Gary Sinise, an extremely talented performer gave such depth to his role, as did the whole company. We really looked forwad to CBS’s Friday night lineup of CSI NY, followed by Blue Bloods.

  24. CBS Cares???They disregarded their motto–CBS Doesn’t Care!–they had an awesome Friday night lineup of CSI NY followed by Blue Bloods.
    They blew it by cancelling CSI NY, the best of the CSI series, well written, suspensful, and performed by a fantastic company who made us believe their characters and situations. Gary Sinise is a a performer of great depth, talent, and sensuality. The entire cast was impeccable.
    CBS Cares–only about ratings which may not be accurate. We, the viewers are just “numbers” to them. We have lost a great show, but will cherish the reruns until the CBS management “gurus” wake up and hopefully bring it back.

  25. It’s a bad move on cbs’s part for canceling a great show I wish they would renew it.but they renew a original csi Vegas it’s all for money and they don’t care about their viewers.and they replace it with showes that suck.zeek2424

  26. CSI NY was the best and most realistic of the 3 CSI shows…. Its’ characters were very believable. It was unfortunate that it was in the wrong time slot. If CSI NY were in the slot where CSI is now..it would still be here and CSI would be gone.

  27. Im so mad that they called CSI ny it is my Fav show of all time u2026 cbs All I have to say is screw u unless u bring it back nnAgent flack is my bae

  28. I enjoyed the csi and csiny also CSI Miami I don’t under stand why these shows were taken off air. I my self and many other people get great enjoyment in watching these shows and watching how they work their cases and how they get evidence, it shows how it is in real life. Please dring them back.

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