Shue: The Characters Are Colorful In Las Vegas


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actress Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay) was initially bothered by the show’s gruesome elements, but it isn’t a problem now. “I think real blood would make me queasy instantly,” Shue told Las Vegas Magazine. However, she is “very aware” of the actors who play the dead bodies. “I’m always wanting to take care of them; so now I see them as very alive and I want to make sure they’re comfortable.”

Shue thinks it’s “great” that CSI is set in Sin City because “the characters are very colorful in Las Vegas.” She added, “It’s a place where people come and go, so there’s a lot more potential for drama. I think the backdrop of the lights, just the Strip itself, is very colorful and dynamic for the show.”

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Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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