Next Week’s Finale Puts The ‘CSI’ Family In Jeopardy


Executive Producer Don McGill promises danger and family trouble in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s season 13 finale, “Skin in the Game”. (Spoilers after the jump!)

As CSI Files previously reported, Annabella Sciorra will guest-star in the finale as Nancy, the ex-wife of Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle). The pair interacts after their daughter Ellie (Teal Redmann) goes missing. “So we will meet Mrs Brass and really have a whole new look at Det. Brass, one that I think we haven’t really had a chance to see in such depth since “Hollywood Brass”, several seasons ago,” McGill told Entertainment Weekly. That storyline will carry over into the season 14 premiere, bringing Sciorra back when CSI returns in the fall.

Another storyline that will carry over into season 14 involves a team member going undercover. Boss DB Russell (Ted Danson) doesn’t realize his colleague is in trouble until it’s too late. When CSI comes back in the fall, McGill revealed, “[DB] and the team struggle against all odds to get that team member back and also rescue another member of the CSI family.”

It has been announced that rock legends Black Sabbath will appear in the finale, and they’ll debut a new song called “End of the Beginning” from their upcoming album 13, which comes out next month. According to McGill, Conrad Ecklie (Marc Vann) might be a big fan of the group. However, “DB Russell expresses, perhaps, slightly deeper passion for the Grateful Dead.”

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