Danson: I Love Going To Work


For two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s newest cast members, Ted Danson (DB Russell) and Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay), working on the crime drama is a rewarding experience.

“I love going to work,” Danson told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He added, “I love the camaraderie the results from being part of a group that’s trying to do something creative… I think acting can be a noble profession. I really do enjoy it.”

Shue likes having the opportunity to act alongside the rest of CSI’s large cast. “Everybody is so unique that I look forward to working with all of them,” she told the Philippine Star. “What is wonderful about the show is that you’re always working with every actor. In every scene, you’re with a different cast member. It makes a fun experience for an actress working with different personalities.”

Danson also revealed that he’s “constantly fascinated” by the science behind the show’s forensics, which he learns from the show’s scientific adviser. “[H]e’s seen all of this in real life,” the actor explained. “If you’re interested and you ask all these questions, you can learn these amazing things. The science is very compelling. There are some things that aren’t real—we take some liberties. A CSI investigator can’t interrogate a prisoner; a policeman does that. But the science, we try to keep it as real and true as possible!”

Be sure to read the full interviews at the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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