April 25 2024

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CBS Launches App For iPad & iPhone

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CBS announced the launch of the new CBS App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The free app allows users to stream full episodes of CBS programming; primetime episodes will be available eight days after the original broadcast, while daytime and late night programming will be available within 24 hours. “Our online viewers not only want to watch their favorite shows on multiple devices, they want deeper engagement with the programs they love,” said CBS Interactive President Jim Lanzone. “The new CBS App gives them the best of both worlds, letting people watch CBS shows on the best screen available for them, with a host of extra features that give them a richer viewing experience whenever and wherever they tune in.”

The network also announced plans to introduce similar streaming apps later this year, which would be available for users on all major mobile and tablet platforms, including Android and Windows 8. For more information, visit CBS Press Express.

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2 thoughts on “CBS Launches App For iPad & iPhone

  1. Again, another wasted repeat break. No reviews at all during this time but you’re gonna report on bullshit like this. 0h W0W, CBS has an app! Yeah, that’s more important then reviews & making sure all the episodes have their full guest casts listed. I actually hate being proven right, but you people do it all the time.

  2. A disgrace, an utter disgrace. You could have had THE STRIP STRANGLER, THE HUNGER ARTIST, INSIDE THE BOX & BODY COUNT reviewed in the space between C.S.I. episodes. There are 4 season finales not reviewed, 3 of the original & the last from MIAMI. 0f the types of episodes to not be reviewed, Season premieres & finales are an abomination. More airtime is pissed away on bullshit like this instead of on the very franchise this site purports to support. You also could have finished Season of the original but shit that time away instead. I don’t have a crystal ball on my table but I predict the Summer of 2013 is gonna be squandered just as 2003, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 before it. 10 YEARS in operation so little reviewed. Proving my point again you lazy assholes!

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