Veasey Promises A ‘Nice Ending’ For ‘CSI:NY’ Despite Show’s Uncertain Future


The ninth season of CSI: New York comes to a close with tonight’s finale, “Today is Life”, and the future of the crime drama is once again left up in the air. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

New York has been on the bubble for the past two seasons, and it’s in danger of cancellation for the third year in a row. “No one’s told us to write it so that it ends,” executive producer Pam Veasey revealed to TV Guide. “It is an incredible challenge each year to sort of leave it open.”

Season nine has included more personal storylines for the CSIs and detectives, including the progression of Mac Taylor’s (Gary Sinise) relationship with his girlfriend Christine Whitney (Megan Dodds). That relationship will get some focus in tonight’s episode as well, and a potential tenth season would see even more between the couple. “If we do come back for a Season 10, there will be some very hopeful things to do with the characters,” Veasey said. Regardless of the show’s future, however, Veasey added, “It’s a very nice ending. I think people who have watched these characters grow will enjoy it.”

In “Today is Life”, Mac and Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) find themselves barricaded inside the police station while angry citizens gather outside. The rest of the team has to search for the evidence to prove whether or not police officers shot an unarmed man. The story is loosely based on real events from the 1970s. “A police station was actually overrun by a group of people who were angry,” Sinise explained. “They stormed the police department and something like 60 police officers were injured and people were hauled away. It was a big riot and a pretty big mess.” Sinise added that the situation on CSI: NY tonight is “pretty tense.”

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