Veasey: Mac Goes A Little Bit Rogue


Tonight’s episode of CSI: New York, “Seth and Apep”, carries over from Wednesday night’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode “In Vino Veritas”. The case is very personal for Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), who is searching for his girlfriend Christine Whitney (Megan Dodds) with the help of CSI’s leading man DB Russell (Ted Danson). (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

Crossovers are usually “really big, giant [events],” Executive Producer Pam Veasey told TV Guide. For this storyline, however, CSI and CSI: NY are taking a different approach. “[I]t’s very personal to Mac. He [goes] a little bit rogue. I think you’ll see him just a little more aggressive and dramatic.”

Veasey added that other characters make speculations about Christine based on how things appear, but Mac is a different story. “[H]e can only say, ‘I know she wouldn’t do that,'” Veasey explained. “But he has no forensic evidence to prove otherwise. He seems to be a guy on his own, but DB steps up. Because he [almost] lost someone at the beginning of the season, he understands that drive.”

Mac and DB do share some similarities, but there are differences between the characters as well. “Well, DB’s more of a scientist, and Mac is more of a butt-kicker in some ways,” Sinise told Zap2It. “Taylor is a combination of detective and forensic scientist, so he’s a gun-carrying cop at the same time he’s a specialist, but DB doesn’t carry any weapons. His brain is all he needs.”

You can read the full interviews on TV Guide and Zap2It.

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