July 21 2024

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Sinise Discusses The ‘CSI’/’CSI:NY’ Crossover

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CSI: New York’s leading man Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) recently sat down with Larry King, and he spoke briefly about the upcoming crossover between New York and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. You can find the video clip embedded after the jump:

You can also watch the clip on Spoiler TV. Thanks to perlnoir from TalkCSI for the link.

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15 thoughts on “Sinise Discusses The ‘CSI’/’CSI:NY’ Crossover

  1. i had to turn it off. csi isn’t that bad a show, and i admit I really like Danson in his role. But Sinise’s acting ability, particularly towards the end of ep.1. when he had a tantrum and started screaming was just too much. Plus little things like him handling evidence (discovered in Danson’s office looking through “Christine’s” phone) was more than I can stand.
    Look: CSIs process crime scene evidence. Detectives investigate. Why did this episode make it appear the whole force is comprised of CSI?
    Why is CSI:NY so bad compared to vegas CSI?
    Sinise — go do something else.

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