Cassidy: It’s Something I’ve Never Done On TV


Next week’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “Last Woman Standing”, will feature a guest appearance from former teen heartthrob David Cassidy. (Spoilers after the jump!)

As CSI Files previously reported, Cassidy will play a veteran poker player who has gotten plastic surgery to maintain the perfect poker face. “They came to me,” the actor told TV Guide about his guest spot. “It’s something I’ve never done on television. Specifically the prosthetics I’d never worked with before. They’ve become so refined.”

Cassidy described his character as “a very sad, down man” who is trying to hold on to his former glory as a great poker player. He added, “My character is someone who became a sleazy womanizer who is kind of losing it. They added a prosthesis on my forehead to create the effect of an actual medical procedure called poker-face, which is when they cut the muscles in your forehead. When my eyebrows go up, they don’t move.”

Make sure to read the full interview on TV Guide.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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