Jo Makes A ‘Healing Connection’ During ‘CSI:NY’ Tonight


Tonight’s episode of CSI: New York, “Nine Thirteen”, will include a very personal storyline for the newest member of the team, Jo Danville (Sela Ward). (Major spoilers after the jump!)

Jo will have her day off in the episode, and she meets a man with a surprising link to her past. The episode’s title has several meanings: it is the thirteenth episode of the ninth season, and the main case takes place at a mysterious building with the same address. Jo’s storyline, however, also has a connection to those particular numbers: her sister died in a car accident on September 13. A young man, played by Johann Urb, tracks Jo down, and the audience will learn that her sister was an organ donor; Grant received her heart, and he wants to express his gratitude. “We have never mentioned her having a sister before,” Executive Producer Pam Veasey told TV Guide. “That was a way of introducing a lot more about Jo and it’s a beautiful story.”

Ward added that Jo is “overwhelmed and blown away” by the experience of meeting Grant, and it’s a “healing connection” for her after the tragedy of losing her sister. “She even asks if she can listen to her sister’s heart,” the actress revealed. “She leans down to his chest and really gets to feel that [her sister] carries on—that she is hearing a little piece of her that still is very much alive.”

You can read more about the storyline in the original interview on, and the site also shared a clip from the scene where Jo discovers the truth—you can watch it below:

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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