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‘CSI,’ ‘CSI: NY’ Get Tentative UK Airdates

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European fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation won’t have to wait much longer for the show’s thirteenth season. CSI Files has learned that Channel 5 has the show scheduled to return this spring (Season Twelve premiered March 13, 2012 as a comparison). Meanwhile, CSI: NY fans located in the UK will have to remain patient; though it remains tentative, NY will premiere its ninth season this autumn on Channel 5.

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6 thoughts on “‘CSI,’ ‘CSI: NY’ Get Tentative UK Airdates

  1. Seriously?? We have to wait until the Autumn to watch CSINY?? I hope that’s a joke!

  2. SERIOUSLY, you are focusing on England when MOST of the franchise is still waiting for reviews? I am gonna try to list every episode you have left unattended, BEAR WITH ME! The original-Season 1, everything after FACE LIFT, Season 2-everything save for CROSS JURISDICTIONS, Season 3-only CRASH & BURN, PRECIOUS METAL & A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES are reviewed, Season 4-All except XX, TURN OF THE SCREWS & BLOODLINES, Season 5-COMPULSION & ICED(which still does not have all of Its guest stars listed nearly 8 years later), Season 6-the season matches the number missed, 6, ROOM SERVICE, BITE ME, GUM DROPS, SECRETS & FLIES(the very episode that introduced Wendy Simms), KISS, KISS, BYE, BYE(how do you leave out the episode with Special Guest Star Faye Dunaway?) & POPPIN TAGS(the introduction of Drops as well as appearances by Travis Barker & 0bie Trice), Season 7, nearly a third with most of the Micheal Keppler arc untouched-REDRUM, MEET MARKET, LAW OF GRAVITY, MONSTER IN THE BOX, FALLEN IDOLS, ENDING HAPPY & LEAPIN LIZARDS, Season 8-THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING & 2 & A HALF DEATHS, Season 12-everything from WILLOWS IN THE WIND up to DUNE & GLOOM, Season 13-everything since C.S.I. ON FIRE. Total-101

    C.S.I. MIAMI-Season 1-Every ep except CROSS JURISDICTIONS, GOLDEN PARACHUTE, JUST 1 KISS, LOSING FACE, CAMP FEAR, ENTRANCE WOUND & DOUBLE CAP. No review for BODY COUNT(the goddamn season finale!), Season 2-only the last 5 of the season are reviewed(UNACCEPTABLE!), Season 3-MONEY PLANE(the return of John Hagan), VENGEANCE & WHACKED(with Eric Freaking Roberts!), Season 4 somehow became the first MIAMI season to be fully reviewed, nothing short of a miracle!, Season 5-BACKSTABBERS, Season 6-DOWN TO THE WIRE(Tom Sizemore does the show & no review?), Seasons 7, 8 & 9 were totally reviewed but Season 10, everything from LONG GONE up to LAW & DISORDER, Total-33

    C.S.I NEW YORK-I always thought Christine Huntley had a tunnel vision focus on C.S.I. NEW YORK because the first 6 seasons(the Melina Kanakeredes years have ALL episodes reviewed). It was not until Season 7 did C.S.I. NEW YORK get left out & there you have just SMOOTH CRIMINAL, then Season 8 with a chasm spanning MEANS TO AN END up to UNWRAPPED, Season 9-from LATE ADMISSIONS up to CIVILIZED LIES, Total 16

    The GRAND total of the entire franchise-150!!! 150 is over half of the entire run of C.S.I. MIAMI. You DID piss away the summer repeat seasons of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, also their Christmas & Spring breaks. 0pportunities were always there & you all wasted them. This site could have been fully up to speed as early as 2005! Possibly before Vanessa Ferlito quit C.S.I. NEW YORK. ICED & UNLEASHED still to this day do not have their full guest casts listed as do the early eps. of the original & MIAMI. So I ask you people, WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA GET TO WORK? 0r are these episodes to languish in perpetuity?

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