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‘Pick And Roll’ & ‘CLUE: SI’ Official Details

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The franchise offers two new episodes this week, featuring a visit from DB’s son Charlie and a case that’s anything but fun and games. Official plot details and cast lists can be found after the jump.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation brings back a member of DB’s family in “Pick and Roll” on Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/PT:

Things get personal when D.B. Russell is drawn into the investigation of the death of his son’s basketball coach.

Producer and director Alec Smight has helmed 29 previous episodes of CSI, most recently the season premiere “Karma to Burn”. This is the first writing credit for Co-Executive Producer Rick Eid.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

  • Brandon W. Jones as Charlie Russell
  • Peri Gilpin as Barbara Russell
  • Robert Mammana as Coach Tom Burns
  • Theodore Borders as TJ Fair
  • Michael Gross as President Rob Austin
  • Bryan Callen as Jack Oxford
  • Kevin Mondane Jr as Assistant Coach
  • Italia Ricci as Vanessa Drake
  • Alexie Gilmore as Linda Burns
  • Elaine Tan as Miss Lotus

Peri Gilpin returns as DB Russell’s wife Barbara, and Brandon W Jones is back as their son Charlie. Elaine Tan previously guest-starred in last season’s premiere, “73 Seconds”. Bryan Callen has appeared on CSI (“Last Laugh”) and CSI: Miami (“Getting Axed”). Robert Mammana guest-starred in the CSI: New York episode “Justified” during the show’s seventh season, and Michael Gross was in season two’s “Manhattan Manhunt”. Theodore Borders played an EMT in the Miami episode “Rampage” during season four, and Kevin Mondale Jr was in the season six episode “Permanent Vacation”. The other actors are new to the franchise.

On Friday, a game turns deadly for CSI: New York in “CLUE: SI” at 9:00pm ET/PT:

When a psychiatrist’s patients are being systematically murdered, the CSIs are forced to play along in a game of Clue in order to catch the killer.

Oz Scott has 10 directing credits for CSI: NY, including season eight’s “The Ripple Effect”. The episode was written by Producers Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, and it marks the first CSI: NY writing credit for both men.

The following actors and actresses will appear in guest-starring roles:

  • Natalie Martinez as Detective Jamie Lovato
  • Megan Dodds as Christine Whitney
  • Tara Summers as Dr. Carly Emerson
  • Jake Thomas as Steve Davis
  • Benjamin Ciaramello as Sam Cross
  • Joe Nieves as Robby Hull
  • Ariana Emnace as Alexa Holdman
  • Harry Corrigan as Shane Simmons
  • Jay Boyer as Clayton
  • Corsica Wilson as Young Girl
  • Devon Bagby as Young Steve Davis
  • Valeska Mosich-Miller as Dancer #1
  • Rosette Laursen as Dancer #2
  • Sierra Hoyle as Ellen White

Natalie Martinez is back as Detective Jamie Lovato, and Megan Dodds reprises her role as Mac’s girlfriend Christine. Jake Thomas guest-starred in the Miami episode “Chip/Tuck” during the show’s seventh season. Benjamin Ciaramello was in two season twelve episodes of CSI, “Zippered” and “Ms Willows Regrets”. Joe Nieves guest-starred in the CSI episode “Snakes” during season five. The other actors are new to the franchise.

“Pick and Roll” and “CLUE: SI” begin airing November 7 on CBS.

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