‘CSI’ Revisits Finn’s Final Case In Seattle


Tonight’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “CSI on Fire”, dredges up the past for Julie Finlay (Elisabeth Shue). (Spoilers after the jump!)

This week’s episode finds Finn dealing with the case that got her fired in Seattle. “I was glad to get to explore the emotion of why she got fired and why it was such a traumatic experience,” Shue told TV Guide. “This is the one case for her that really got under her skin and the stakes are so much higher.”

The case sends Finn back to Seattle, where she reunites with her ex-husband Mike Robinson (Brian Van Holt). Despite the divorce, there’s plenty of unresolved tension between the pair. “It’s a relationship that ended before it should have,” Shue revealed to Entertainment Weekly. “They’re still sexually connected, which I think is cool. It’s not like a tired marriage that ended because everyone moved on. It ended in a heated, passionate place.”

Shue explained that Finn has trouble maintaining a romantic relationship, but that’s exactly why things are so strong between her and DB Russell (Ted Danson). “It’s safe,” the actress told TV Guide. “There’s no possibility of them being together, so she’s comfortable in that relationship. She trusts him and she is the best she is when she is with him.”

To read both full interviews, which include more information about tonight’s episode, head over to EW.com and TVGuide.com.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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