Enrique Murciano To Continue Arc, Alex Carter M.I.A.


Enrique Murciano returned to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at the tail end of Season Twelve, and the actor’s presence will continue during Season Thirteen, I have learned. Murciano first appeared back in Season Ten’s “Coup de Grace” as Detective Carlos Moreno. After last season’s “Crime After Crime,” when Detective Sam Vega (Geoffrey Rivas) met his demise, Moreno was brought back into the CSI universe with a juicy reveal: a family relation to the dirty cop. He appeared in two episodes last season (“Altered Stakes” & “Homecoming”), and was last seen with Elisabeth Shue‘s Julie Finlay–possibly with a hidden agenda. Look for him in the Season Thirteen premiere “Karma to Burn” and Episode Three, “Wild Flowers.”

Also, fans clamoring to see the return of Detective Lou Vartann (Alex Carter) will have to be a bit patient. As of now, Carter is not slated to appear in the first five episodes.

Shane Saunders
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