Rodriguez Reveals His Favorite ‘Miami’ Moments


CSI: Miami may be over, but Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) has some great memories from the time he spent working on the hit crime drama. As the actor told NBC Latino:

I definitely have two favorite moments. The series ran 10 years and we did a flash back episode during season 8 (“Out of Time”). I had left the show by then and I wanted to have a proper ending for my character. So for that first episode of season eight, we found how out Horatio got his glasses. My character gave him his first pair. It was awesome because it was such an iconic part of the show and his character. So my favorite moment was when I put those sunglasses in his hand for the very first time. My second favorite moment is definitely looking back to the two episodes I was able to write and direct (“Hunting Ground”, “At Risk”). It was amazing to be that involved in every aspect of the show and I loved it.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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