June 13 2024

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Rodriguez: ‘Miami’ Has Opened Doors For Me

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Former CSI: Miami star Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) worked hard for his upcoming role in the film Magic Mike, and he’s looking forward to where his career will head in the future.

During preparation for Magic Mike, Rodriguez had to get in shape while still filming Miami. “I completely changed my diet, upped the amount of time I was spending in the gym and the level I was working out at,” he told AfterElton. “So, really, the gym and diet and all of that stuff became my life. For six or seven weeks before the movie that was all I cared about. I was doing CSI: Miami which meant I had to hit the gym before work, whatever time in the morning that ended up being, work a 12-hour day, go back to the gym, get back on my cardio, and do my weights for the day.”

Miami might be over now, but Rodriguez is grateful for his time on the crime drama. “I definitely think CSI: Miami has been the job to really open doors for me,” he revealed. “I think every little victory along the way will take you to the next step, Certainly all the jobs I had leading up to CSI: Miami were jobs that helped me get CSI: Miami, but that was the job that helped make me a recognizable face for people. I’m very grateful that I had that job.”

Now that he’s added forensic scientist and stripper to his resume, Rodriguez is looking forward to finding new roles. “I think what I do want to do is just play some characters that are much lighter than what I [played] on CSI: Miami to give people a different taste to a different side of my personality and show my sense of humor,” he explained. “It could be something lighter and more fun. I think right now that’s something I would love to do.”

You can find the full interview on AfterElton, including more information about Magic Mike and stills from the movie featuring Rodriguez.

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