May 23 2024

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McPartlin Discusses His Role In The ‘Miami’ Series Finale

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Ryan McPartlin guest-starred in several episodes of CSI: Miami during the show’s tenth and final season, playing Assistant State’s Attorney Josh Avery. His last appearance was in the series finale, “Habeas Corpse”. “I played a villainous character,” McPartlin told Assignment X. He added, “Malcolm McDowell (Darren Vogel) was the villain who corrupted and manipulated my character in the CSI: Miami lab, and I took the whole team down. To be honest, the whole series ended in the last episode [laughs]. But they did kill me before the series came to an end.”

“So I killed off the show, is what we’re basically saying,” the actor added with a laugh. He said the cast and crew of Miami had an inkling that the crime drama might be coming to an end. “They had a little bit of a feeling,” McPartlin explained. “It was ten years, it was a long run, everybody was up for a new contract, it was an expensive show [to make], but at the end of the day, they enjoyed what they were doing and they felt they still had more stories to tell, so I don’t think they were happy. But yeah, they knew it could have come to an end.”

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  1. I think cancelling CSI:Miama is a travesty. I grew up watching this show. I am really going to miss Horatio Caine and crew. CSI: NY stays? Give me a break

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