July 24 2024

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McGill Offers A Hint About ‘CSI’ Season 13

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When the twelfth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation came to a close, two families faced cliffhangers that will be resolved in the fall. (Spoilers after the jump!)

At the end of CSI’s season twelve finale, “Homecoming”, the fates of several characters were left up in the air. Conrad Ecklie (Marc Vann) was shot, and DB Russell’s (Ted Danson’s) granddaughter Kaitlyn was kidnapped. Executive Producer Don McGill did not give away too many details about the upcoming premiere of season thirteen, but he did indicate that Russell’s family will continue to play a large role in the series. “We are going home with our characters more, so there is room to explore the larger circle of Russell relatives,” McGill revealed to TV Guide. As for Ecklie, the bond between him and his daughter Morgan Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) will be developed further—assuming he survives. “Morgan can see her father has evolved as a human being and sees in him the father she always wanted,” McGill said.

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3 thoughts on “McGill Offers A Hint About ‘CSI’ Season 13

  1. We waited 12 years to “go home” more with our favorite characters -mostly from original cast – and now they trying to make us just be happy with all that “DB’s family”?? Oh, please if the shows go that way I won’t probably follow it anymore. We want to know more about Nick, Grag, Sara, Brass, David, Dr Albert and the lab rats than DB’s family. Like DB as a supervisor, he’s great but that’s enough.

  2. They’re probably trying to make us more familiar with the new characters even though most of us don’t like change. And you’re right, I would rather watch more episodes about the original cast members but I;m guessing we have to accept the fact that years went by and people moved on from the series.. it’s hard and I no longer feel that excitement when a new episode comes up but, I would rather watch an episode about DB’s family than NO episode at all. Thank God it didn’t end up like CSI Miami.

  3. does this mean , there might be a grissom appearance if they goin home with the characters … or is it just DB tht they’re goin home with ??

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