July 24 2024

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1 thought on “Watch The ‘CSI:NY’ Finale ‘Near Death’ Online

  1. CBS in there lack of widom has again taken a extremely good show off the air just like the took MURDER 1 off the air all because some big buck rating grubing excutives decides to cancel one of the best show on there channel lineup sounds like corporate greed all for te sake of ratings once again not caring what watchers think nor are they concerened so characteristic of CBS not giving a hoot about what people think I for one will not watch CBS again nor will I promote any show that they care to air as you can bet if people like it they will probably cancel it as wel all in the name of ratings what a bunch of garbage.I do not need to ge a life nor a reality check CBS does.And you can res assured they won’ t care about what one person has to say. It was far better than CSI New York.Oh CBS corporate is probably in NYC fancy that!!!

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