July 21 2024

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McGill: The Old Comes Back To Threaten The New

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The twelfth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation draws to a close tonight, and “Homecoming” will dredge up the past as the team works to solve their latest case. (Spoilers after the jump!)

As CSI Files previously reported, former Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen (Conor O’Farrell) is back for the first time since the season nine premiere, “For Warrick”. McKeen killed CSI Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), and this week he’ll be causing trouble for the Las Vegas Crime Lab once again. “The old coming back to threaten the new was intriguing to us,” Executive Producer Don McGill told TV Guide. “What if one of the great villains of our past came back to bring back painful memories and ghosts from the past, but also threaten our CSIs? … What ensues is a threat to [DB] Russell’s (Ted Danson) leadership—his sense of righting the ship—but also a series of personal threats to our CSI team.”

The episode will also offer some insight into what happened between DB and newcomer Julie “Finn” Finlay (Elisabeth Shue) when the pair worked together in the past. “The case is reminiscent of the case that got Finlay fired in Seattle,” McGill explained. “It dredges up deep feelings from the past between Finlay and Russell. Finlay is someone who has a tendency to, in her quest for justice, cross the line. Russell sees the bigger picture. We’ll see whether Finlay has learned from the past.”

For more information, check out the original article on TVGuide.com.

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  1. Sorry but i don’t buy “the old” threaten the new guys. Doesn’t make sense. Don’t care either about DB/Finn backstory. The writers must down her a little and integrate to the original team. it’s not a DB/Finn show. More focus on the original remainings characters, please!

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