May 20 2024

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CBS cancels ‘CSI: Miami’

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CSI: Miami has been cancelled after a ten season run.

A CBS statement said: “CSI: Miami leaves an amazing television legacy – a signature look and style, global popularity and as a key player in CBS’s rise to the top over the past decade. We thank all the producers – led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ann Donahue — and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons.”

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13 thoughts on “CBS cancels ‘CSI: Miami’

  1. aos fans de csi miami ,parem dse ver series da CBS,existem outras emissoras com muito mais potencial

  2. Csi Miami was a great show. I’m sure it’s ratings were hurt because many, many timessince it came on Sunday nights at 9:00, it was constantly delayed on that channel because of some other programs that many of us were not interested in. We would wit until 9:00 to watch our favorite CSI Miami, turn it on, it was delayed and many times even per-empted. So, of course, it couldn’t get good ratings. The stupid reality shows keep pushing. There are people out here that have been trying to watch it but that channel kept doing everything it could not to show it. I remember even one time it was per-empted by an announcement of some sort, then we didn’t eve get to see the end of that particular show. The reality shows are taking over so much, we don’t have any real good mysteries or good shows left to watch.

  3. Should’ve been NY – they were on the bubble for 2 years while Miami was doing OK. CBS threw Miami in a terrible time slot, not the show’s fault. I’m sure NY would do way worse in that time slot than Miami. Screw you, CBS – WRONG DECISION.

  4. When they moved it to Sunday after Football and Undercovered Bosses, I knew they were looking for a reason to cancel the show to save money. If only Netflix or something would move it online. People don’t want TV anymore, too many commercials. They watch DVR and On Demand without those commercials. Anyway, great 10 years! Hope they all move on to other shows.

  5. We say thank you for this with the fantastic excitements full ten years! They will be missing very much, since they turned into the part of our life. I grew up on this series, and I started learning criminology because of this. Another many successes for everybody who contributed to this superb series. A million are kisses!

  6. I recently lost my dad who i was reeeeeeeally close to & now they canceled csi miami?! I had a very personal connection to csi miami (especially to jonathan togo a.k.a ryan wolfe). Ive been watching csi miami since 2003. Im sooooooo pissed off, agry, hurt. Too much heartache right now I can’t take it. I will ALWAYS cherish csi miami & jonathan togo 4 EVER! The whole cast is very talented. Jonathan togo is my inspiration in life, he is my hero (along w/my dad) and my idol! This is unreal. Im seriously crying right now and I dont really care wat people think. 🙁 O and in case anyone noticed this is complete BS!!!!!!! CBS says they can’t afford to produce csi miami anymore my ass!!! CBS DOESNT CARE PERIOD!!!

  7. Wrong decision CBS, out of all the CSIs’ Miami is the best, lots of other stupid shows you have that could be cancelled instead of csi miami. Keep at it and pretty soon you wont have any shows that anyone wants to watch.

  8. WHY??? I enjoyed this show, and they cancelled it??? I guess they must’ve had a good reason, because I read somewhere that CSI: Miami was the most expensive to produce, and some of the actors were difficult to work with. But I;m glad the other two CSI shows are back for new seasons.

  9. I agree with Sarah Burkett. ”CBS CARES” thats alot of BS. I just cant believe they r getting rid of the best crime show ever WTF i mean CSI MIAMI is the real&only reason why i started watching CBS n.e.way i never watched CBS i was a ABC queen. well thnks alot CBS for pissing me off ruining a great show. I guess its abc’s new show SCANDAL from now on. thats what ive been watchn the past few weeks. Kiss my A@# CBS.

  10. when did this happen???didn’t see any thing about it ending!!!!! how did it end?? I loved this show! all the good shows are being cancelled and stupid “reality” shows put in their place!! this is soooo wrong :O(

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