O’Brien: One Of Our Own Falls Under Suspicion


Tonight’s episode of CSI: Miami promises an emotional journey for the characters and viewers as the series airs its season—and perhaps series—finale. (Spoilers after the jump!)

“Habeas Corpse” will find the team investigating one of their own after Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) regains consciousness next to the dead body of ASA Josh Avery (Ryan McPartlin, “Law & Disorder”). “We find quickly that Ryan is exonerated… but as we dig deeper into the evidence and what transpired, another one of our own falls under suspicion,” Executive Producer Barry O’Brien told TV Guide. “Horatio [Caine, David Caruso] & Co. follow this evidence, regardless of where it leads—even if it’s a painful place. There’s a chance one of our own has crossed the uncrossable line.”

O’Brien revealed that the episode is “more internal” than the usual crime-solving installments. “It’s a more emotional story that goes to the soul of these characters,” he explained. “It is a far more personal ending. You’re left with this feeling that the team is a family.”

As CSI Files previously reported, Miami’s future remains uncertain as CBS waits to announce whether the CSI spinoffs will be renewed for another year. Omar Miller (Walter Simmons) told CBSNews.com that filming the season finale was an “emotional” experience since the actors cannot be sure that they will be back in the fall. “There’s so many rumors going on,” he added. “I think everybody’s been working together for so long. Everybody is anxious for us to fire up the lab again so we can solve some more crimes.”

You can find the full interviews on TV Guide and CBS News

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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