July 24 2024

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1 thought on “Watch ‘No Good Deed’ Online

  1. Oh I watched it alright. It was quite interesting. I was wondering Y natalia was not in it. Then I found out its because of budget cuts?! THATS BS! If there issue is budget cuts WHY did they bring in ANOTHER female (sam) who practically became a csi over nite to the mix? Yeah that makes a hell of alot of scence. They shouldnt be cutting a character OUT of eppys just to make room for another. And the scene @ the end where sam didnt tell ryan she has a boyfriend untill he (josh avery) actually showed up?! She made ryan look and feel like a fool. That was brutal. POOR RYAN!!! I Reeally felt bad for ryan. Ive been in ryan’s shoes B4. Its not funny nor is it cool @ all. As much as I LOVE csi miami… and trust me I do; I dont think the writers no wat they are doing. Im sorry its just my opinion. Wow that was a mouth full. Gotta love csi miami! lol.

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