Veasey Talks Family, The Finale & The Future Of ‘CSI:NY’


CSI: New York is approaching the end of it’s eighth season, and Executive Producer Pam Veasey promises that the finale will highlight the family dynamic of the team members. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

Working together has created a close bond between the CSIs, which will be the focus of the finale. “It is really a show about the relationships of every single one of our characters with Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise),” Veasey told E! Online. “How they relate to him, how he’s a father, a brother, a friend, a boss, a godfather to all of these people. And how each of the characters individual lives relate to his, how he needed them, how they needed him.”

Tonight’s episode, “Flash Pop”, will also get the ball rolling on Mac’s potential relationship with longtime friend Christine Whitney (Megan Dodds). “It’s clear these characters both make a choice to pursue this relationship, and Mac has to come to terms with that,” Veasey explained to TV Guide. “They’re letting their emotions lead them rather than their logic, and that’s rare for Mac Taylor. You see him make a few different choices and easily let Christine join his family that he cares so much about. We’re looking to see where we’re going for that in Season 9.”

The ninth season remains hypothetical at this point. CSI Files previously reported that CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been renewed for another year, but the future of the spinoffs is one big question mark. “We’ve got our fingers crossed for Season 9, but we’re very much a bubble show,” Veasey said. “We beat the odds last year, and now we have to compete again.” If the show does get picked up for another year, Veasey revealed, “I think our finale dictates really going home with them in another season and really expanding beyond the job.”

The full interviews are available at E! Online and TV Guide.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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