Petersen, Callaway, Forlani, Newman & Lombard Join New Pilots


Networks are preparing to film pilots for the 2012-2013 season. Cast and crew information has been revealed for some of these new series, including names that are familiar to fans of the CSI franchise. You can find a few of these announcements after the jump! has the following details about upcoming projects, and you can find more information at the links provided:

  • Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation leading man William Petersen (Gil Grissom) will star in and executive produce a new series called Hurt People. The drama, which will most likely be shopped around to cable networks, focuses on “Hollis Brown (Petersen), a veteran hitman employed by the crime family that killed his wife. Brown has been enlisted to hunt down his estranged daughter who is intent on destroying those responsible for her mother’s death.”

  • CSI: New York Co-Executive Producer Trey Callaway will write the pilot for the Showtime series Pure Evil; he will also serve as Executive Producer on the project, which “centers on a brilliant and sinister CEO of the world’s largest tech & media conglomerate.”

  • Claire Forlani, who played Peyton Driscoll on CSI: NY (most recently during season six’s “Point of View”), has been cast in the lead role for the ABC pilot Scruples, which follows a “rich and powerful clothing designer Billy Winthrop (Forlani) in a world of sex, revenge and scandal.”

  • Jaime Ray Newman, previously seen as Mac Taylor’s (Gary Sinise) late wife Claire in the New York season eight premiere “Indelible”, has joined the cast of the ABC drama pilot Penoza. Newman will play Kat, the younger sister of the series’ main character Marta, who is “the widow of an assassinated criminal who is forced to adopt her husband’s role in a crime syndicate in order to protect her family.”

  • Former CSI actress Louise Lombard (“Father of the Bride”) has been cast as a CIA operative in an untitled drama project from Fox. The series “centers on Jane Forsythe (Saxon Sharbino), the orphaned 14-year-old daughter of a CIA operative who encounters mysterious rogue agent Kevin Lear (Julian McMahon) who serves as her surrogate father and professional mentor in the spy world.” Lombard will play Wendy, Kevin’s ex-girlfriend who offers to help raise Jane.
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