July 19 2024

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Farewell From Shane Saunders

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After an incredible decade of covering the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise online, potential new endeavors are forcing me to step away from the site. It’s been an incredible journey; from my early days at Elyse’s Comprehensive CSI site, to Modern Day Sherlock, and finally a beautiful home at CSI Files, I feel honored and privileged to have had the wonderful opportunities given to me over the years thanks to CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York.

Though I am stepping away from providing coverage, my unwavering love, support, and admiration for this franchise will continue for many years to come. A huge staple in my life, the CSI shows have driven me to pursue a career path in television production that I do hope comes to fruition. I’ve been tuning in each and every week since 2001, and there’s no sign of me turning my back anytime soon.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank CSI Files site owner, Christian Sparborth, for the chance to be a part of the writing team at CSI Files, and news writer Rachel Trongo for her continued support. I’m also eternally grateful to the hardworking writers, cast, crew and publicists who work on the CSI franchise. They have been so supportive of this site and giving of their time for interviews. Finally, I’d like to thank all of the readers (past and present) who have interacted with my features over the years. It’s been terrific.

There’s still some of the best articles to come, but the door closes here. Thanks to everyone for a very exciting journey.

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8 thoughts on “Farewell From Shane Saunders

  1. Thank you for all your interviews, spoilers, etc. I will miss your CSI coverage. Good luck on your new endeavors.

  2. Shane, Thanx for everything and good luck with everything. I’ll let you you know when I
    got your post from the USA!

  3. Shane, if your hard work and dedication to CSI is anything to go by i’m sure you’ll do well in whatever endeavour you move on to. Thank you for bringing us interviews and information for CSI over the years – always appreciated even if it’s not always said.

  4. Thank you for all Shane !! You were the greatest source of news for CSI !!
    Your subtitute (if there will be one ?) will have to work hard to do the same ! 🙂
    ‘Good luck and Goodbye’ ! 😉

  5. You will be missed be sure. Always loved your news and information from CSI set. Thank you for all these years, hope you trained properly a substitute to continue your work. Wish all the best in your new carrer. Hugs from Brazil!

  6. After reading the interview with the two ladies from the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crew, as well as the responses, I have a feeling that “future endeavors” isn’t the real reason for his departure. I thought that I read somewhere that he’ll be doing interviews with the cast and crew of CSI: NY. Funny that the majority, or only, interviews he’s done (for a decade??) are of the Vegas cast and crew members.

  7. I have to agree. I remember that he bashed Anne Belknap at one time. How professional. It looks like the chances of doing “interviews” or articles of the New York (or even Miami) cast and crew are no more. And he didn’t respond when one Nick Stokes fanatic couldn’t help herself when she felt that he was insulting Nick and her friend, or her other alternym.

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