Giovinazzo: I Would Like To Direct An Episode


Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) would like to step behind the camera again.

During a recent set visit, Giovinazzo talked with CSI Files’ Shane Saunders about the possibility of returning behind the camera on CSI: New York. In Season Six, the actor made his writing debut with “Sanguine Love,” an episode that delved into the world of vampires. Now, nearly two years later, Giovinazzo feels a bit of longing to return behind-the-scenes.

“I would like to direct one; unfortunately that never happened because of scheduling,” Giovinazzo shares while sitting in the New York Crime Lab’s “war room” set. Adding, “It’s pretty tough, especially when you’re not in the writers’ room every day. It was an amazing time; an eye-opening experience on how complicated it is and how it’s a team effort. It’s tough to come up with one.”

Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe-Messer), sitting next to him, chimes in, adding “I am in awe that they come up with these stories.” This season of NY has ten writers working to produce eighteen episodes of the show. Belknap, for her part, is not sure she’d like to take a seat in the writers’ room and knock out a script. “I thought one year I’d like to pitch an idea, but I couldn’t come up with any that I thought were any good,” she says.  “If I had to write for anything, it wouldn’t be for this show. It’s too hard,” she confesses with a laugh. “It’s very difficult.”

Shane Saunders
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