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‘CSI:NY’ Finds A New Love For Mac

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The next episode of CSI: New York will introduce a potential new love interest for Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). Spoilers after the jump!

As CSI Files previously reported, Mac is finally ready to move forward after receiving some closure regarding his late wife Claire in the season premiere, “Indelible”. A woman from Mac’s past will show up next month, and sparks might fly between the pair. “When Mac first moved to New York and decided to join the police department, Mac was in the police academy with Christine’s brother,” Executive Producer Zach Reiter told TV Guide. “So there’s a familiarity and an association from way back when.”

Christine will be played by Megan Dodds (Detroit 1-8-7), and she will appear in five episodes starting with the twelfth episode of the season, which is tentatively scheduled to air February 3. “Leading up to the end of the season—which may or may not be the end of the show—we explore Mac’s romantic life a bit,” Reiter explained. After saying goodbye to Claire in the premiere, Reiter added, “It would be a shame if a guy like him could not find love in his life.”

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  1. The only thing I want to see Christine doing is packing Mac a bag, driving him to the airport and waiving him off as he head’s to New Orleans. Then for her to vanish never to be seen again and I doubt you would find many who would disagree with me.

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