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‘Genetic Disorder’ Official Details

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One team member’s home becomes a crime scene as the franchise airs the final new episode of 2011. Official plot details and cast list can be found after the jump.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will air “Genetic Disorder” on Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/PT, which is the last new episode before the winter hiatus:

When the body of a naked dead man is discovered by Dr. Robbins’ wife in their master bedroom, it leads to a lot of questions for the CSI team.

Line Producer Frank Waldeck directed the episode, which marks his fifth time in the director’s chair for CSI; his most recent credit is for “Bittersweet” earlier this season. “Genetic Disorder” was penned by Consulting Producer Elizabeth Devine, who has 11 previous writing credits for the series, including season ten’s “Lost & Found”.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Ambrit Millhouse as Officer Collins
  • Wendy Crewson as Judy Robbins
  • Neil Fournier as Dan Traxler
  • Bahar Soomekh as Dr. Sylvia Sloane
  • Pamela Reed as Donna Hoppe
  • Tanya Fischer as Carla Duggan Smith
  • Nellie Sciutto as Woman #1
  • Terry Bozeman as Attorney ‘Brad Lewis’
  • Darin Heames as Jimmy Duggan
  • Matthew Walker as Patrick O’Toole
  • Betty Murphy as Eunace Duggan
  • Lewis T. Powell as Officer Norman

Jon Wellner is reprising his established recurring role as lab tech Henry Andrews, and Terry Bozeman is returning as Attorney Brad Lewis for the fifteenth time; he was last seen in “Father of the Bride” during season eleven. Lewis T Powell first appeared as a uniformed officer in this season’s “Freaks & Geeks”. Ambrit Millhouse played a different character in “Targets of Obsession” last season, and Matthew Walker was in “Getting Off” during the show’s fourth season.

On Friday, CSI: New York will air a repeat of season seven’s “Food for Thought” at 9:00pm ET/PT. Hawkes attended a food truck festival with his girlfriend, but things took a tragic turn when one of the trucks exploded, killing the man inside.

CSI: Miami is not on the schedule this Sunday. Instead, CBS will air the Survivor Reunion live at 10:00pm ET following the two hour Survivor: South Pacific finale from 8:00-10:00pm ET/PT.

“Genetic Disorder” and the repeat of “Food for Thought” begin airing December 14 on CBS.

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