July 21 2024

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The Cast & Crew Of ‘CSI:NY’ Take Over For Social Sweep Week

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Cast and crew members from CSI: New York have been posting pictures and videos over the past few hours as part of CBS Social Sweep Week. First, you can click on the pictures below, which feature Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) alongside key makeup artist Ben Robin, Hill Harper (Dr Sheldon Hawkes) and Robert Joy (Dr Sid Hammerback) in the morgue, Eddie Cahill (Don Flack) at craft service, Anna Belknap (Lindsay Messer) in the makeup chair with Rela Martine, and Sela Ward (Jo Danville) in her trailer—click to see each image full-sized:

You can also find two videos embedded after the jump!

Here’s a message from Belknap and Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) announcing the Social Sweep Week takeover:

Next, check out this video from set costumer Joyce Westergaard in the New York wardrobe trailer:

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