April 25 2024

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Ellingson Returns To ‘Miami’

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Horatio Caine’s (David Caruso) son is back in the picture as Evan Ellingson is reprising the role of Kyle Harmon in early 2012, CSI Files has learned.

Though details surrounding the storyline are heavily under lock and key, viewers will see the return of Kyle during this season’s twelfth episode, tentatively titled “Friendly Fire.” Ellingson last appeared as alter ego Kyle Harmon during season eight’s “Dishonor.” A CBS rep for the show could not be reached for comment on this casting news, but a source with the show hints at another possible appearance down the line.

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2 thoughts on “Ellingson Returns To ‘Miami’

  1. Awesome – missed Kyle! He brings out a great dynamic in Horatio! Wish the rest of the team would interact w/him more. He’s a great character and I’m so glad he’s coming back!

  2. I will agree with the fact that he should be on the show more often. Now if they will only bring back Azura Skye as Suzie and whoever played Madison it will be even better.
    Personally, I just want to know what has happened to them as the last time anyone saw them was in S3 and Madison had some form of cancer.
    Also, if the writers would just find a way to bring back Kyle Gallner as Mac’s stepson Reed Garrett on New York, than the show will be even better.

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