Danny Finds Himself In Trouble On ‘CSI:NY’ Tonight


CSI: New York’s Anna Belknap (Lindsay Messer) and Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) offer info about tonight’s episode, “Officer Involved”, plus check out two sneak peeks after the jump!

Danny finds himself in the hot seat this week after an incident involving himself and several of his rookie officers. “He’s implicated just because he’s there as their sergeant and they’re out drinking,” Belknap told E! Online. “So even though he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he wasn’t drinking, somebody got killed so they’re all in a lot of trouble.” She added, “It turns out that maybe these new people that Danny’s working with are not quite as loyal as he hopes…I think that he starts valuing more the family of the lab. And that he belongs there, that maybe that’s his home.”

He did nothing wrong, but Danny’s situation doesn’t reflect well on the department. “It’s not the trouble we’re used to seeing him in,” Giovinazzo told TV Line. “This time his rookies betray him, and it’s ultimately the catalyst to getting him back to the lab.” He added, “I would have loved for the show to keep Danny out [in the field] longer, but I’m sure the Powers That Be know what the people want. We definitely got a good run out of it, though.”

You can find a clip from E! Online here, featuring Danny and Lindsay as well as IAB Lt Mitchell Adler (Dean Norris). There’s another clip from “Officer Involved” here, courtesy of CBS. This video features Danny waking up on the ground next to a dead body, and his rookies tell him what happened.

Sources: E! Online and TV Line. Thanks to Sarah from TalkCSI for the second video link.

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