The ‘Miami’ Premiere Has A ‘Profound Impact’ On Several CSIs


Co-Executive Producer Barry O’Brien offers some information about the upcoming tenth season of CSI: Miami. (Spoilers after the jump!)

The season premiere, “Countermeasures”, will find Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) in danger following the season nine cliffhanger. The episode features an appearance from Horatio’s deceased wife, Marisol Delko-Caine (Alana De La Garza). “Our premiere has Horatio Caine in a very surprising, but very revelatory, encounter with Marisol,” O’Brien told TV Guide. “It is a very personal encounter that gives him inspiration and insight into his predicament and ultimately how that predicament resolves.”

The life-threatening danger has a “profound impact” on Natalia. “You’ll see her look for support from the team around her as she gets her legs back underneath her and regains her confidence,” O’Brien said. “[CSIs’] instincts have to be sharp, and Natalia has a little bit of a distance to travel to get back to that place.”

Meanwhile, Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) will start thinking about her future and the possibility of starting a family with coworker and former boyfriend Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez). “You see the power and depth of their feelings toward each other,” O’Brien explained. “The door is open, and we see them step through just a bit. They’re certainly examining the possibility of what their future holds, and we might see them taking just a few more steps together.”

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Rachel Trongo


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