‘CSI:NY’ Brings Back A Sibling & Shares A Story From The Past


When season eight gets underway, one CSI: New York character has a family reunion, and another member of the team shares a painful memory. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

As CSI Files previously reported, Cody Longo (“Identity Crisis”) will reprise his role as Jo Danville’s (Sela Ward) son Tyler Josephson during season eight, and he isn’t the only family member scheduled to make a return. According to E! Online, Don Flack’s (Eddie Cahill) sister Samantha, played by Kathleen Munroe (“Dead Inside”), will appear in an upcoming episode as well.

Before Longo or Munroe reappear on New York, the show will air its 9/11-centric season premiere on Friday, September 23 at 9:00pm ET/PT. Anna Belknap (Lindsay Messer) told E! Online that her character shares a “nice” scene with Adam Ross (AJ Buckley) in the episode. “He has a really touching monologue about where he was on 9/11 and it’s…painful,” Belknap revealed.

Thanks to Perfect Anomaly and Sarah from TalkCSI for the link.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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