February 29 2024

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Report: ‘CSI’ Takes The Stage At CBS TCA

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is about to take the stage at the annual Television Critics Association. Today’s panel marks the first appearance at the Beverly Hills conference since August, 2006. CSI Files’ Shane Saunders will be live-blogging the panel here at CSI Files. Stay tuned…

11:33AM: Random, somewhat related note: the CSI franchise will begin airing new episodes in a little over a month! How exciting is that?

11:34AM: Newcomer Ted Danson, who will be playing new supervisor DB Russell, is at today’s panel.

11:37AM: Other panel members include Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows), George Eads (Nick Stokes), and executive producers Carol Mendelsohn and Don McGill.

11:37AM: A clip is currently being shown…

11:38AM: This season’s premiere deals with multiple homicides. Danson’s character interacts with a young witness at the scene. This season? Expect classic CSI, with multiple cases to an episode (though not in every episode).

11:39AM: Clip currently up on display is from this season’s premiere, “73 Seconds.” Russell is a family man, who happens to be a father to four kids.

11:41AM: Marg is currently laughing up on stage. Also, critics in attendance think Ted Danson is a pretty terrific addition (at least judging by the clip).

11:42AM: Mendelsohn says the tone this season will be lighter. Also, expect more humor.

11:43AM: “Even though I’m not doing jokes, I feel like I’ve walked into this perfect situation,” Danson says.

11:44AM: Russell may be the team’s new supervisor but at this current point the character does not carry a gun.

11:45AM: Danson’s CSI character is “like Phil Jackson,” brought in to get team back on track after last season.

11:45AM: Danson dodges a question about his character, sends it McGill’s way.

11:46AM: McGill says the CSI team is passionate about their jobs and sometimes that passion leads them astray. Danson’s character has life balance.

11:48AM: Mendelsohn reveals this about Catherine: “there is fallout that we’ll deal with in the premiere and the following episodes.”

11:48AM: Ted Danson reveals his whisper to Marg at the start of the panel that made her giggle: “I’m getting a facelift.”

11:49AM: Without context, “It’s moved Marg around a little, and it’s moved Nick’s fetal pig around a little” — Mendelsohn

11:50AM: Helgenberger: “I was planning to leave CSI but had a hard time letting go and leaving the cast – that’s why I’m still here.”

11:52AM: Helgenberger confirms this will be her last season. “That’s what she says,” Danson quips.

11:53AM: Both Eads and Danson are insisting that they won’t let this become Marg’s last season.

11:55AM: George is praising how great it is to have Ted Danson as part of the cast. “No hazing,” he says of the addition. Adding, “[he] reinvigorated the set.”

11:56AM: “We did not want a science nerd,” Mendelsohn says on bringing in a new character.

11:59AM: A consultant for the show (Dr. T?) helped create the character of DB.

12:00PM: Panel now over. Thanks for keeping up with the updates! For those wanting to see the clip shown at today’s panel, click here!

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