April 25 2024

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Pre-Order The Conclusion To The ‘Level 26’ Trilogy

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The first two digi-novels in the Level 26 series were bestsellers for CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, and the final book in the trilogy will offer fans another exciting story featuring Steve Dark.

Level 26: Dark Origins (review) introduced Steve Dark, a skilled investigator who worked with the Special Circumstances (Special Circs) division of the federal government to track down the highest ranking serial killers. The first book in the series pitted Dark against Sqweegel, a twisted killer who wore a forensic proof bodysuit when he brutally murdered his victims. Book two, Dark Prophecy (review), jumped ahead five years and found Dark racing against his former colleagues in the Special Circs division as they searched for a torture-murderer with a penchant for tarot cards. The third and final novel in the Level 26 trilogy will be called Dark Revelations, and the titular Dark may find himself hunting for the most elusive serial killer yet:

In Dark Revelations, Steve Dark faces the most intricate, intense, and explosive case of his career. The killer calls himself Labyrinth, and the riddles, puzzles, and wordplay with which he announces his new targets have caused a worldwide media sensation. The case has already claimed a number of highprofile individuals as victims—not to mention several government agencies, which have tried and failed to stop a growing global panic. But what point is Labyrinth trying to make? Who will be his next victim? It’s up to Dark to assemble a team from among the smoking rubble of the international crimesolving community, find Labyrinth wherever he may be, and put a stop to the mayhem, once and for all.

Can Steve Dark solve the biggest riddle of them all? Only time will tell.

Dark Revelations is scheduled for a December 29 release, and it is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.com and other online retailers.

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