Rodriguez Helms ‘Miami’ & Shares His Thoughts On Romance

CSI: Miami star Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) wrote and directed this week’s episode, “Hunting Ground”, which also features the return of costar Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) after a one-episode absence.

Eric will have a smaller presence in “Hunting Ground” due to Rodriguez’s role behind the camera. “Yeah, I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew,” the actor told TV Line. “But the scenes that I’m in I feel are poignant, and I’m happy with the way they turned out. But those were the days my heart was pounding, when I had to act in a scene on top of watching everybody else’s performances going on.”

One performance that impressed Rodriguez was from new mom Procter, who only missed a single episode of Miami after giving birth. “She is unbelievable,” Rodriguez said. “She just wanted to get back in the saddle and work! She’s been totally gung-ho about it.”

The relationship between Eric and Calleigh has faded away this season, and Rodriguez isn’t sure if that will change in the future. “You know, it’s kind of hard to say. We’ve sort of moved past it at this point, unfortunately,” he explained, although he thinks it would be an interesting dynamic to play on the show. “It’s never too late, though. I’m pretty certain we’re coming back for a 10th season, so there’s always next year. I feel like people have wanted to see it for so long, but they’ve never been served a full meal of it. We’ll see what happens. Or maybe people are over it at this point? Maybe it’s time to move on and not revisit it? It’s not for me to decide.”

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Rachel Trongo


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