‘CSI: Crime City’ Runs Watch-And-Win Promotion

As CSI Files previously reported, fans of the CSI: Crime City game on Facebook will be able to unlock in-game bonuses by watching episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation during February. Players can log on after watching each episode to answer a question. Correct answers earn the player free UbiCredits, which can be used to provide energy, decorations, lab equipment and more. The launch of this special month-long promotion coincides with tomorrow night’s episode, “The Two Mrs Grissoms”.

CSI: Crime City has also been updated with two key features based on user feedback: new collectibles and coffee machines. The collectibles give players a chance to collect sets of bugs from crime scenes, which they can then redeem for experience points to increase their level in the game. The coffee machines provide an alternate energy source, and they generate up to four cups of coffee per day. Players can visit their friends’ labs to increase their energy. In the coming months, CSI: Crime City will add new cases and features including custom avatar creations and the option of gifting items to other players.

For more information about the “Tune In To Win” giveaway, and to see the questions that must be answered for each episode this month, visit the official CSI: Crime City Facebook page.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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