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Procter Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

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CSI: Miami actress Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) welcomed a baby girl into her life in early December.

Procter and her musician boyfriend Paul Bryan named their daughter Pippa. The actress’s pregnancy was not written into the series, and she will only miss one episode. Procter returned to the Miami set on January 19 so she could be part of costar Adam Rodriguez’s directorial debut. The episode, slated to air March 13, is called “Hunting Ground”.

“I wouldn’t have missed it,” Procter told TV Guide Magazine. She added that Rodriguez is happy for her, and she’s happy for him getting to take a turn behind the camera. “I think that’s what you get after nine years together,” Procter explained. “It’s that genuine want for each other to be happy.”

“We’re so happy for Emily,” Rodriguez agreed. “This is something I know she’s wanted for a long time. She’s got the right guy in her life and it was the right time for her, and it’s so great when you get to see somebody be able to have it all. She’s just really got it all together.”

Source: TVGuide.com

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