Veasey & Reiter Discuss 150 Episodes Of ‘New York’

CBS posted a new video on the CSI: New York blog featuring showrunner Pam Veasey and co-executive producer Zach Reiter. The pair shared their thoughts on the show’s evolution and how it feels to reach 150 episodes. Video embedded after the jump!

When New York first began, it was all about the science. The stories focused on the crime, and the forensic investigators “took you under their yellow tape,” Veasey explained. With seven seasons under their belt, the minds behind the series have been able to create more personal storylines in recent years. “We’ve developed stories for our characters, we’ve learned about their former lives before they were CSIs, about their dreams,” Veasey said. “We’ve added relationships.”

The New York setting makes a difference for the writers. According to Reiter, the city brings a unique “attitude” to the show. As for the science itself, Reiter added, “Generally speaking, I think we do a pretty good job of getting as close to the real thing as possible.”

Reiter described the 150 episode milestone as a “surreal” experience, and he added, “It’s been one hell of a ride.” According to Veasey, the time has flown by. “It happened all so fast,” she said. “It seemed like yesterday we got to 100, and we’re already at 150.”

Despite being on the air for seven seasons, the series hasn’t run out of ideas. There are still a lot of stories to tell that are unique to New York City and to the characters on CSI: NY. “There’s a lot to go forward with because, like in everyone’s normal daily lives, they’re ever-evolving and ever-changing,” Veasey said. “There’s always surprises.”

You can find the original video embedded below:

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Rachel Trongo


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