Matlin Talks Mrs Grissom, ‘CSI: Chicago’

Upcoming CSI: Crime Scene Investigation guest star Marlee Matlin shares details about her character and which city should get a CSI spinoff. (Spoilers after the jump!)

As CSI Files previously reported, Matlin will star alongside Phyllis Frelich as a professor at a college for the deaf. Frelich will play former CSI head honcho Gil Grissom’s (William Petersen) mother, Betty Grissom. Matlin’s character, Julia, dated Gil in the past. Tensions rise between Betty and her daughter-in-law, Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), because she would have preferred for her son to marry Julia. “She adores me better, I know that,” Matlin told Zap2It. “I just had to say that.”

Matlin’s episode, which is tentatively scheduled to air February 3, marks the actress’s second appearance in the CSI franchise—she previously guest-starred on CSI: New York during season three’s “Silent Night”. When asked whether or not she would like to return to CSI for another episode, Matlin suggested that she could headline her own CSI spinoff. “I’m making the announcement that I think there should be CSI: Chicago,” she said. “I want it badly, and I’m dead serious about it.”

The actress added that she could portray a lip-reader on the series, but she knows it would not be feasible to play a deaf police officer. “It’d be awesome, but not realistic. I know it’s just television, but it wouldn’t be real. I could be a former cop. I don’t know,” Matlin said. “I’ll let [CSI executive producer] Carol [Mendelsohn] figure it out.”

Source: Zap2It

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