June 17 2024

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Linn & Togo Reveal Their Method For Handcuffing Suspects

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Rex Linn (Frank Tripp) and Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe) shared the best technique for applying handcuffs on CSI: Miami: faking it.

Frank Tripp is an expert at putting handcuffs on suspects, but Linn admitted that he cheats when they’re filming. “Here’s the deal: We fake it now,” he told Zap2It. The first time Linn tried to handcuff a character on Miami, the actor playing the suspect struggled so much that it was taking too long to get the handcuffs on him. Linn came up with a simpler idea when the director confirmed that nobody would be able to see the man being handcuffed on camera. “I’ll turn them around, grab their arm like that, bring it around their back. Then what I’m doing is putting [the cuffs] in their hands,” Linn explained. “They’re holding the cuffs, and they walk off.”

Togo revealed that he’s “terrible” at handcuffing suspects on the show. “It’s hard,” he said. “Most of the time, I say to the actor, ‘I’m cuffing you. Just hold the cuffs behind your back.’ Because you can’t just throw them on. You could break someone’s wrist.” Togo added that he was a theater major at Vassar College. “[D]rive the car here and skid it, run out and shoot the gun, jump over the thing, walkie-talkie in the car … I went to Vassar. I don’t know how to do this stuff!” he admitted. “They say, ‘Hey, just do it!'”

Source: Zap2It

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