February 29 2024

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Caruso: This Is Our Strongest Year Ever

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As CSI: Miami prepares to air its 200th episode, “Happy Birthday”, the show’s leading man David Caruso (Horatio Caine) says things have never been better on the hit crime drama. (Contains spoilers!)

Caruso described Miami’s ninth season as “our strongest year ever.” He told Zap2It, “We have a whole new attack on the episodes. It’s been more exciting to be here now than it has been. We’ve just been galvanized somehow. There’s a ferocity to what we’re doing. As opposed to, ‘It’s season nine, and we’re tired,’ it’s the opposite.”

Episode 200 revolves around a woman who is left for dead. “[W]hen I find her, eight months pregnant, by the side of the road, just beaten to a pulp—it would be impossible not to be affected by the outcome,” Caruso explained. “So we’re pretty anxious to get these people. This is a high-stakes situation, worthy of being our 200th episode. Everybody’s coming away from the episodes, and coming away specific to this episode, just going great.”

Source: Zap2It

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