Helgenberger Won’t Stay On ‘CSI’ For Much Longer

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s leading lady Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) says the time is approaching for her to leave the hit drama.

CSI Files previously reported that Helgenberger is planning to leave CSI after season 11, but plans have not been finalized just yet. “I’m only actually negotiated for this season. That’s all I’m really thinking about right now is just finishing up this season,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. “So no, I don’t … not much longer. Not much longer.”

Helgenberger is getting good material to work with this year. “I’m getting the opportunity to play different colors this season because I have a boyfriend on the show, played by Alex Carter (Detective Vartann),” she explained. “He’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it because it hasn’t been like all cerebral stuff. It’s been passionate. It’s been vulnerable. It’s been emotional. It’s been taking me to places that I don’t get to do on the show. That’s kept it fresh. And I enjoy working with him.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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