Arquette Works To Bring Something ‘Unique’ To ‘Miami’

Directing an episode of CSI: Miami is an “exciting” experience for David Arquette.

CSI Files previously reported that Arquette would helm an upcoming episode. “[It’s] really exciting,” he told Collider. “They’re just the greatest crew and cast, and they’ve been really helpful.”

Working on an older series like Miami can be a challenge because the cast and crew have an established formula. “That’s exactly the point,” Arquette explained. “It’s like each set has been doing it for nine years, they know their characters better than I ever will, and they know their camera look and moves and rules better than I ever will. So it’s really important to stay in tune with them, so you don’t do something that doesn’t represent the show.”

“Where it does allow you to have some fun is finding bits of humor,” he continued. “You can also find interesting shots or ways to tell the story in a unique way that they may have not tried before. I personally feel it’s also my job to kind of keep the energy light, keep it moving, and make sure people are having a good time. Hopefully you’re not ruffling anybody’s feathers because this is their home and you’re just coming in and helping decorate it.”

The full interview can be found here.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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