July 24 2024

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Procter Balances Work With Impending Motherhood

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Actress and mom-to-be Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) is having a “great” time preparing for the arrival of her first child and filming the ninth season of CSI: Miami.

As CSI Files previously reported, Procter is expecting her first child with boyfriend Paul Bryan. The 41-year-old actress has found that there are advantages to having her first child now. “One thing I think that is nice about being an older mom is that my career is established enough that motherhood is going to step up and take the primary role,” she explained to She Knows. “I feel very thankful for that.”

“I’m also in a position that the people that I work with are parents to children too,” she continued. “They’ve already been wonderful with me being pregnant. It’s going to be great. I’m just going to take the baby to work. That’s my plan.” For now, Procter is covering her growing belly on set since the pregnancy is not being written into the show. “It’s been great for me,” she said. “In every scene, I’m just sitting in a chair! You don’t understand, this is my favorite season so far.”

The actress doesn’t want to miss any filming when she has the baby. “I’m going to try to not miss an episode,” Procter revealed. She’ll be glad to get back to work without the tell-tale baby bump. “The good news, I’m due anytime before Christmas,” she said. “They’ve been very nice about it thus far, but I have a feeling that people are going to be tapping their watch, looking at me, ready for me to go to the gym in February. ‘Alright, you don’t get to sit down anymore.'”

The full interview is available on She Knows.

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