July 24 2024

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Procter: All I Do Is Topple Over

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As she closes in on her due date, pregnant CSI: Miami actress Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) is dealing with the practical problems of having a big belly. “It’s the wildest thing,” she told Zap2It. “You really think this can’t stretch any more, and then it does. Then it does. It’s like being a bug on its back. You get into a position where you think, ‘I can’t get up. I really can’t get up.'” The actress added, “Your middle doesn’t work. It used to be people could pull me from the side, now they’ve got to come from the front, because even off to the side, all I do is topple over.”

Initially, Procter wanted the Miami writers to include her pregnancy in the show, but they decided to hide her growing belly instead. “We had talked about it,” she explained, “and I was really advocating for it being written in. Now, I have to say, it was the absolute right decision, and I love it. I don’t work nearly the hours that I did. I sit down a lot.”

The full interview is available on Zap2It.

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